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Create a consistent brand message, let everyone in your company speak with one voice based on customized AI


AI-sprinter learns the unique writing style and communication of your brand, becoming a personal content guardian within your company. From now, every piece of content created in your company, whether by a human or AI, will be in line with your brand’s message, its character, and unique style.

The future of customized AI is coming…

Why brand voice is so important?


The voice of your brand influences the perception of your audience. A robust brand voice sets your brand apart from the competition, elevates brand awareness, and cultivates a more profound relationship with the audience.

Depending on the communication channels that you use and what do you achieve from them (sales? brand awareness?) Your brand’s writing style will be changed. So, your brand writing style it’s not always the same. AI-sprinter is a flexible tool that learns the individual styles of your brand. You can have several or dozens of styles of your brand saved and use them depending on what kind of communication channels you want to use.

How it’s work?

AI-sprinter in practice

Below are just a few examples of how to use AI-sprinter in your company. Truly, you are only limited by your imagination…

Daily communication

Do you send newsletters, and create e-mails to your Clients about your products and services news? The AI-sprinter will check them and tailor to the right style. Style, which determines by your company.

Social Media Channels

Instagram and Linkedin are two different platforms where the method of communication with your customers will require a different message and style (Facebook-lifestyle, Linkedin-Business). AI-sprinter will allow you to customize unique communication style of your brand depending on which platform you publish your posts on. You can teach the AI-sprinter your unique writing style separately for Facebook and separately for Linkedin and any other platforms. AI-sprinter will transform your texts according to the style you use in the particular communication channels.

Sales and conversion

Your Facebook campaigns sell well because you understand your customers and know what language to use to communicate with them? The AI-sprinter will allow you to keep this unique style regardless of who will create the content: human or machine. AI-sprinter will correct your text as if you corrected it yourself.

Technical doc. and instructions

Do you create technical documentation or instructions in your company? The AI-sprinter will correct your texts in terms of style in accordance with the standards adopted in your company. All he has to do is read your previous technical documentation and learn your company’s unique writing style and standards.

How AI-sprinter can help you?

Correct existing human or AI content to suit your brand style

AI-sprinter will correct each text for you in terms of the tone and style of your brand. Just paste the text and with one click you get a ready-made, high-quality text in line with your brand line. You can teach the AI-sprinter many styles of writing your brand, depending on the purpose (sales, brand awareness, formal forms) and the communication channel. You can save multiple styles and use them as needed.

Automatically generate content in your brand style by combining our generative AI with ChatGPT-4

AI-sprinter allows exactly the same possibilities as ChatGPT-4 but is extended to one powerful feature: imitate your brand writing style.
Whatever prompts you input into the AI-sprinter, like requests about writing Facebook posts, articles, landing pages, mailings, etc. AI-sprinter gives you output in your own, unique Brand writing style.

So that means, AI-sprinter creates all content instead of you but… like you!

Get access to AI-sprinter API

Bring the power of generative AI directly into your own platform with the AI-sprinter API. You can now integrate our solution directly into your platform, whether you have a custom CMS or content platform of any type. AI-sprinter is trained on your brand’s tone and style, so you can create on-brand content at scale.


How AI-sprinter improve your publish process?


Speed up your team


Cost reduced


Return of investments


How much time and money does it cost your company to:

Creating content that aligns with the communication style of your brand?

You create content 80% faster than before AI-sprinter allows you to correct human-written texts and generate new texts based on AI. Instead of shoddy content generated by regular AI, you get content written in your brand’s unique style straight away.

Training employees to properly create content that corresponds with the adopted way your brand communicates with its environment?

You no longer need to train your employees – it will be the AI-sprinter who will make sure that all content is in line with your brand style.

Reviewing and correcting texts for consistency with your brand’s message and style, starting from Facebook posts and ending with content on your website or newsletter? If you want to maintain a consistent message across all communication channels, you need full control over it!

Checking and proofreading texts will now be 10X faster because AI-sprinter will take it on.

Hiring copywriting experts who can meet your requirements for maintaining a consistent, unique message of your brand?

You no longer need to hire expensive experts, the AI-sprinter will be your expert who will correct the text of even an inexperienced copywriter guaranteeing high-quality retention of your brand style.

Are you ready?

From today, managing your brand will change forever…